Mr. 1up Album Links:

Started releasing in 2020, Mr. 1up’s very first release “Open EP”, it’s been said to be power-driven, very upbeat, full of character, a step in the right direction for versatile EDM, with influences from electronica, house, bounce, techno, bass, and trance. The second release “Nobody EP”, has shown a different side of Mr. 1up, with a kind of robotic sound that fits the dark style sets, very energetic with some great builds, and grooves to get you in the right trance. Mr. 1up’s third release “Dap!”, is a very trance like style with a unique feel, all about unity and a party vibe like no other although, most songs have a female vocal chop, this one is very unique, also the remix has notable flex on hip hop influences.
“This Thing EP” makes a mark as the fourth release in 2021 from Mr. 1up and shows you musically that flavors are infinite with electronic music, This Thing can be known for its island-style, low bass, and breaks, but that’s enough talk lets hear some tunes.