Mr. 1up Open Front Album Cover

Open EP

Let's go on a journey, ride the wave, and open up!

This release is OP and is meant to take you on a journey, there are some great elements, catchy rhythms, unique hooks, and all-around groovy mixes. Remember this is the first release by Mr. 1up, all self-produced, mixing mastering no big corp. overhead, aiming for you to feel the adventure, as it was intentionally made for underground club sets, but all in all,


  • Open
  • Key: D Major - Camelot: 10B
  • BPM: 124 - Length: 4:08
  • Released: June 25, 2020
  • Open Remix
  • Key: C# Major - Camelot: 3B
  • BPM: 131 - Length: 4:24
  • Released: June 25, 2020
  • Artifacts
  • Key: C Major - Camelot: 8B
  • BPM: 126 - Length: 3:49
  • Released: June 25, 2020

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